About Me

Hey, I am LambdaTon and making electronic music is my passion. In the year 2010 my journey began by buying my first DJ equipment. Soon, I wanted more and started in 2011 to create my own songs. I am mainly influenced by Techno, but I do not limit my self to a single genre. Recently, I have build together with my friend Luigs this nice studio. So more music will be released in the future.

Studio with big speakers, multiple monitors, RGB and some acoustic treatment

Moreover, I like to experiment with electronics and software. So, I started in 2013 with the creation of my own DIY MIDI instruments to support my music making process. My first big project LambdaControl is a MIDI controller that is designed to control the grid-based DAW Ableton Live. The project got quite complex over the time, such that I decided to release all material under open source licenses. So feel free to make use of my work to create your own dream controllers.

I started the LambdaControl project for my upcoming musical live performance. Currently, I have only a theoretical concept for these live performances in my mind, such that with a high probability more DIY music hardware projects will follow when things get more concrete.

Another musical project of mine is the duo Luigs & LambdaTon, which we have started in 2014. The concept of the project is the combination of a classical DJ set with live performance elements in a progressive arrangement. Most of the time we start with more chilled deep house that softly goes into a more classical techno style and ends with intense hard techno tracks. This is supported by several self produced vocal samples or elements taken from popular clips, movies or TV shows. Currently, we do not have planned further gigs, but you can checkout recordings of our previous gigs on MixCloud. The following picture was taken at our first gig.

First gig as Luigs & LambdaTon in a dark club